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HEL3N forms an opinion about humans. 

Episode 3 For Robots Only

H3LEN finds a (slightly) better class of human. 

H3LEN meets a squad of Airborne soldiers.

The team ponders the effectiveness of their weaponry against the creatures.

HEL3N learns the true purpose of the Earthkiller.

Episode 7 Fighting Dirty

H3LEN explores close-quarters combat effectiveness, although the number of biologics has precipitously declined. 

The team dreams about the time when this is all over.

Episode 9 Berzerker Mode

The team runs across a group of creatures, lying dormant.

Can HEL3N be trusted at the controls of the Earthkiller?

Episode 11 Remember Me

Colonel Tybalt seizes control.

Hel3n finds half a man. 

Raze talks to a hologram, which gives Hel3n the clue she needs.

The finale to Earthkiller. 

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